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For more than 100 years, Cheshire has been a premiere venue for engagements, weddings and other memorable events. The county is situated in northwest England and is home to a host of spectacular gardens, hotels and castles that are ideal for your dream wedding. Whether it's a ceremonial, civil or religious affair, Cheshire has got you covered. Below is a comprehensive guide describing some of the best country wedding venues cheshire.

Wedding Event planning

The key to having a memorable wedding lies in how well you plan for the event. Cheshire wedding planners are the some of the most sought after in the entire United Kingdom. They are professionals with training and experience in event management, fashion design, hospitality management, floral and interior d├ęcor design. A planner will help you choose an appropriate venue, decorate it as well as coordinate all services to ensure nothing goes awry on your special day. Be sure to check out the Cheshire wedding planners directory and hook up with a reputable professional.

Matching wedding type with a suitable venue

Nowadays more people are leaning towards civil partnerships with a fixed number of guests in attendance. If you've always dreamt of getting married in a castle, then you ought to try the Peckforton castle. This medieval style countryside castle can luxuriously accommodate over 150 guests. This venue has a charm of royalty that is bound to leave your guests mesmerised.

Asian and other religious weddings tend to have more flair and also attract a larger gathering than civil marriages. For such weddings, halls, gardens and parks tend to offer ideal venues for the exchange of vows. Imagine hosting your family and friends in an expansive golf course surrounded by panoramic views of the countryside, well that's what you get at the Macdonald portal hotel, golf and spa. This venue has a magnificent wedding reception area where all your guests can access the bar and other amenities. At the reception, your bridal party and guests can get pampered in readiness for the event.

Learn more about places to visit near kidderminster

If castles and parks are not your thing, then hotels and spas will do the trick. There are over a dozen 4-star status hotels in the area that are fit to host a dream wedding. Carden Park hotel, Rookery Hall and Walton Hall are examples highly sought after venues in the county of Cheshire.

Most of these resorts are located in the countryside where clients can enjoy beautiful lawns for a romantic wedding. So there you have it, Cheshire will continue to attract lovebirds from all over the world due to its unique venues.